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Nigel Clark

Make Believe Love - CD (Signed)

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Release Date: 04/12/2020

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Make Believe Love 2020

Make Believe Love is a new album by Nigel Clark, or is it?

The album was written and recorded in 2000. Nigel returned to his home city from London after breaking up with Dodgy. Ready to do something new and fresh with friends, some of Birmingham’s finest musicians, this album was produced and mixed by Nigel Clark & Jerome Di Pietro in the Custard Factory in the heart of town.

A self-financed album, Nigel was freed from any industry input and emotionally connected yet still raw. Once completed there wasn’t the funds to see a tour come together or do an album release. It became a cathartic expression sitting on a shelf, only listened to and loved by close friends and the musicians involved in the collaboration.

From the start this album was called Make Believe Love. Thank you Lou Reed. Sweet Jane, Take No Prisoners, Lou rants and says ‘Make believe love -that’s an album title write that down quick’ Who was supposed to write it down? Who was meant to use it? Nigel did. 

1. How long is too long
2. One of these days
3. Hold my hand
4. Wheels of time
5. We Folk
6. Nothing is free
7. Make Believe Love
8. Don't be Denied
9. Class A smile
10. Holding Hands
11. Here Today
12. Demonstrate